PLP - Grading & Scheduling Program

Version 1.0 of PLP-Grading & Scheduling Program is now ready for purchase on our webstore! After your purchase is received, you will be sent a URL and password to download the program within 72 hours of purchase. Please be sure to check your email on your order to be sure it is typed correctly, as this is where we will send your password.

This program is offered without support; however the program was designed to be as intuitive as possible, so hopefully you will be able to find your way around. Also, remember to check for notes at the bottom of each program window for instructions and tips, and a FAQ section is available here as we receive questions and comments from those using the program. If you have something new to add, please do send us a note! We aim to design the program that will best suit your needs, so please tell us if something is missing that would be a beneficial feature to add to the next version.

This program will run on Mac (OS X-Tiger), Linux, and Pcs (Windows 98 2nd Edition, ME, 2000, XP). New versions will be made available each year; however each release will include 2 years worth of functionalitly based on the calendar years provided, or you can opt for the CD-ROM with no expiration of calendar function. As we make changes and additions, your previous student data will remain intact, and new versions will be compatible with previous semester files so you will not have to type in your student information again. This java program is compatible with version 5.0 of the Java Runtime Environment. To get or upgrade Java click here

PLP-Grading & Scheduling Program

·Great for Anyone who Teaches Private Lessons or Classes, or just wants to Organize Appointments and Gigs
·Store Student Contact Information with Email Functionality
·Grade Assignments & Lessons
·Keep Track of Attendance, Participation, Payments, Borrowed Items
·Manage All of Your Appointments with Color Coded Categories
·New Versions Compatible with Previous Semester Files - No Need to Type in Your Student Contact Information Again, etc.

Software Choices & Pricing:
A single user license CD-ROM for $64.95 - no calendar expiration.
Packages for bundles of 5 licenses (5-CD-ROM User Pack) at 23% off are available for schools/studios for $249.95



What should I do first after opening the program?
1. Get started by defining your semester dates. All appointments and assignments must fall within these parameters.
2. Save your program under a defining semester name such as "Fall 2006". When you open PLP - Grading & Scheduling next time, just click "Open Semester File" and choose "Fall 2006" in the File menu.
3. Next you will need to enter student information for each student. Go to
Add/View/Edit Students, enter info for your first student and click Add Next Student before continuing, or Save to exit.
4. Next you can enter student lesson times, meetings, classes, appointments, etc. into your schedule, and create assignments.

How do I enter lesson grades?
Go to Grade Book/New Assignments. Lessons are treated as assignments and should be entered as 1 assignment that all of your students will need to complete each week. The Date Due should be the first day of each week of lessons and could correlate with the week number (#1....#52) from The Student Log Book section called Weekly Lesson Logs. Asssignments are assigned a point value by you for each new assignment type. So if you decide that all lessons will be worth 10 points each, then lessons dated the week of August 29th would be worth a maximum of 10 points. You would then go to Add/View/Edit Assignment Grades to give points to students for each assignment or lesson.

My Student Payment Window is showing multiple lessons on the same date and time for one of my students, how do I fix this?
This student has a multiple recurring series. The button for "Make this a Recurring Series" was clicked more than once when you were setting up appointments. This problem can be fixed by eliminating the extra series.

Program written for Purple Lizard Press by Mark Patton. Design by Julie Patton.
Copyright ©2005, 2006 Purple Lizard Press LLC. All Rights Reserved.