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The outline of the entire system and use of the forms in a semester/year proceeds as follows:

1) Initial Assessment form - this form is completed by the student and is an assessment of the student's perceived overall abilities.

2) Measurable Skills Tests - an objective measure of skill ability on a scale of 1-5, administered by the instructor.

3) Skill Area Check-Off Sheet - mastered skills are checked off a master list of basic skills throughout the student's degree journey.

4) Semester Goal Sheets - goals are discussed and recorded

5) Weekly Lesson Log - semester goals are marked, lesson assignments are made geared to each specified skill area, and practice information is entered. Students then keep track of time-spent-on-task and effort is graded. Instructor checks for efficiency and makes adjustments to assignments. Lesson is graded.

6) Log Entry - Students enter music activities and assignments in a set of logs throughout the school year.

7) Progress Assessment form
- At semester end (or year end if preferred), the process starts over using the Progress Assessment in place of the Initial Assessment form.

8) Grading & Scheduling
- All grading throughout the year can be made on the computer program Studio Grading & Scheduling Program from the Maximizing Your Studio's Progress™ Series. - beta version available now for a free download until late August 2006 when it will be ready for purchase.

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