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Policies on Examination/Desk Copies/Class Adoption

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The Instructor's Manual from Maximizing Your Studio's Potential: Brass explains how to use the entire program, or simply integrate smaller portions of the program series into your lessons, based on your teaching style and student needs. It contains the Measurable Skills Tests and learning outcomes, as well. At this time, we are not able to offer exam/desk copies.

University Faculty/Music Studios/Private Studios

We thank you for considering our material for required classroom use! We offer a package at the reduced price of $40 that includes 1 Instructor's Manual along with 1 Student Log Book to work with and help you decide.

Class Adoption Policies

When using the series in the classroom or studio, we ask that you do not photocopy any materials from the Student Log Book - this violates copyright law. The only copying permitted within this series is as follows: the Measurable Skills Test may be copied for student testing within the instructor's own studio, and only when the instructor owns a copy of the Instructor's Manual. Thank you for supporting copyright laws!

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